AR# 14323


LogiCORE MAC FIR v1.0 - I cannot reload the COE after it has been initially loaded in the GUI


Keywords: Multiply, Accumulate, Finite, Impulse, Response, Filter

I loaded my COE (coefficients) file into the GUI for the MAC FIR v1.0, then realized I had the wrong number of taps (or realized that I loaded the wrong COE file). However, I cannot simply reload the COE file, either directly or after changing to the correct number of taps. Did I do something wrong?


When loading .coe files in the GUI, you must select the correct number of taps the first time, according to the .coe file; you cannot change the number of taps after the COE file has loaded into the GUI, as the .coe file is not re-loadable.

To reload a COE file, you must close the GUI and start again.
AR# 14323
日期 04/01/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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