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AR# 14384

9.1i Data2MEM - What is the supported MEM file format?


Keywords: Data2BRAM, MEM file, input, BMM, Data2MEM

What is the supported MEM file format for Data2MEM?


The supported MEM file syntax is as follows:

data1 data2 data3 data4

The address and data must be in hexidecimal, and the width is determined by the data bus width. The "0x" designator should not be used.

For example:

23324d77 014f5eb1 3b394264 30da0d3a 05e9a20c 1110bedf 10c41380 296d4f05
04d14bb6 0a0b032e 074b58dc 12b72207 2a1f93aa 2e1d3563 0c17f070 2429b6df
080c3252 276061c2 372fde56 1672e9e2 292c65fb 25155df1 2dc9f43b 1911a746
1b034c8f 25d4ce29 2c6e5aca 252b795e 35a26916 218917d4 375143af 14e392fb
08c1c1dc 2078c085 2aef7a5a 320a60a4 18cc8284 1f660f25 3a1ffb3a 2b794b74

This is what the first address block of the BMM file would look like for this example:

ADDRESS_BLOCK dram_controller RAMB4 [0xFFFFC000:0xFFFFFFFF]

// Define the block map for the upper 4k, CPU address 0xFFFFF000 - 0xFFFFFFFF

xrefdes/block_ram0 [7:0] LOC = R8C6;
xrefdes/block_ram1 [15:8] LOC = R9C7;
xrefdes/block_ram2 [23:16] LOC = R11C7;
xrefdes/block_ram3 [31:24] LOC = R9C6;
xrefdes/block_ram4 [39:32] LOC = R10C6;
xrefdes/block_ram5 [47:40] LOC = R10C5;
xrefdes/block_ram6 [55:48] LOC = R10C7;
xrefdes/block_ram7 [63:56] LOC = R8C5;

The start_address is directly associated with the ADDRESS_BLOCK.

Refer to (Xilinx Answer 23852) for endianess of the ".mem" file.
AR# 14384
日期 04/04/2007
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