AR# 1442

XEPLD 6.x: Unexpected error detected, please report to Xilinx with reference "epldinst.cc40."


When fitting a 7300 design with the 6.x XACTStep tools, the
partioner/optimizer fails with:

Unexpected error detetected, please report to xilinx with reference
"", and no other error messages.

This is a bug in the EPLD tools that will not be fixed for
6.0.0/6.0.1. It is typically caused by an OBUF driving internal
logic. The BUG is that the tools should itemize the DRC instead
of simply issuing this cryptic code.


Search the design for such violations, and fix them in the
design entry point.
AR# 1442
日期 01/15/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章