AR# 14504


4.2i Install - Linux/WINE - PAR or NGDBuild will not run and reports an error regarding system DLLs


Keywords: install, Linux, WINE, PAR, error, NGDBuild

On a Linux/WINE machine, PAR or NGDBuild will not run and reports errors similar to the following:

"No implementation for NTDLL.DLL.425 (RtlDnsHostNameToComputerName) imported from C:\windows\system\NETAPI32.DLL, setting to 0xdeadbeef".

MAP works correctly.


This occurs when certain Windows System DLLs are not installed during the 4.2i CD installation. To work around this problem, copy the missing system DLLs directly into your WINE environment:

1. Download and extract the file into a temporary directory.

2. Copy the files to the directory in your WINE installation that corresponds to the equivalent of "\Windows\system". (For example, if "rsmith" is your home directory, then typically the WINE directory will be /home/rsmith/.wine/wine-c/windows/system.)

You should also verify that this directory contains the files "NETBIOS.DLL" and "NETAPI32.DLL", which would have previously been installed during WINE configuration according to (Xilinx Answer 13532).
AR# 14504
日期 03/26/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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