AR# 14528


Virtex-II Configuration - Setup and hold issues exist with /RDWR and /CS for SelectMAP configuration


Virtex-II ES and certain production silicon devices are affected by an issue regarding setup and hold times with the /CS and /RDWR lines for SelectMAP programming.


(This issue is documented both in the Errata List for the particular ES device, and in the Production Notices where applicable.)

The issue is that to successfully configure devices in SelectMAP mode, the setup times of CS_B and RDWR_B must be at least 7 ns before the rising edge of CCLK. Additionally, the CS_B and RDWR_B signals must be held until the falling edge of CCLK, with 0 or positive hold times with respect to the falling edge.

The following table is a matrix of the devices affected by this issue:

Matrix of Virtex-II devices with /CS and /RDWR setup/hold issue
Matrix of Virtex-II devices with /CS and /RDWR setup/hold issue

AR# 14528
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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