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7.1i ISE - Project Navigator: "Unable to create temp project '/var/tmp/xil_*'" occurs when I create a new project


Keywords: install, virtual, memory, Foundation, tmp, var, writable, permission, Linux, unix, Solaris

When I attempt to open a project or create a new project, the following error occurs:

"Unable to create temp project '/var/tmp/xil_*'"

This problem occurs on UNIX platforms.



This problem generally occurs because not enough virtual memory (e.g., total paging file size) or temporary space exists.

To avoid this issue, perform the following steps:

1. Be sure that you have write permissions for "/var/tmp."
2. Ensure that "/var/tmp" is not full. Project Navigator creates temporary files, but does not delete them, so you might have to manually purge the "/var/tmp" directory.

WARNING: The Xilinx tools are not the only tools that use the "/var/tmp" directory, so USE CARE when deleting files.


This problem will occur on Linux platforms if the TMPDIR variable is set.

On Linux Platforms, Project Navigator uses the following precedence for choosing where to place temporary directories and files:

TMPDIR variable location, if the TMPDIR variable is set.
/usr/tmp directory if writable.

To work around this issue, unset the TMPDIR variable and ensure that either the "/usr/tmp" or "/tmp" directory has write permission for the user.

This TMPDIR issue has been resolved in ISE 8.1i.
AR# 14624
日期 12/11/2006
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