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Project Navigator - Can I control the default option set for project implementation and synthesis?


When I launch Project Navigator (ISE), I want to ensure that I am working with the same set of options for implementation and synthesis. Can I control the default option set?


There is no option in ISE to directly assign project process properties to all new projects. However, there are ways to apply properties values from one project to those of another project.

1) You can apply options to a new project by using an ".ise" file from another project by going to Project -> Apply Project Properties. This gives the new project the same properties settings as the project file (.ise) used.

NOTE: When you apply project properties from older project versions (e.g., applying 7.1i ".ise" file to a 8.1i project), some property names or possible values might have changed. If Project Navigator does not recognize an older property or value, the default value will be used. In contrast, if an older version project is first opened in the newer version of Project Navigator, any properties that have changed names or possible values will be written to the corresponding equivalent property and value. To avoid property mismatches, Project Navigator 10.1i and later only allows users to apply project properties from a project of the same version.

2) Create a personal design strategy: Select Project -> Design Goals & Strategies to apply Xilinx or user created templates for setting project properties.

3) Select Project -> Generate Tcl Script... to generate a project specific Tcl script that can be used to Set up a project, set project options, set process properties, and/or run processes on a design. The script is generated for the current project but can be easily edited and applied to any project.

AR# 14626
日期 12/15/2012
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