AR# 14698


7.1i ISE - I cannot add a UCF to a new project; the message "'my.ucf' is already in the project" is reported


Keywords: UCF, associate, association, source, add, new

I cannot add or create a UCF in a project that does not contain other source files. I attempt to select "*.ucf" files by going to Selecting Project -> Add Source. However, when I select the desired UCF, an "Associate with Source" dialog box appears; there are no available sources in the dialog box, and if I select either "Cancel" or "OK", the action is closed.

Or, I attempt to select an implementation constraints file by going to Project -> New Source. Again, no source files are available with which I can associate the ".ucf" file; when the process finishes, it reports the following:

"'my.ucf' is already in the project; it cannot be added again."


In the 7.1i software, UCF files are considered to be source files and must be associated with a design source file.

You can create a UCF file by going to Project -> New Source and edit the file by going to File -> Open, but the UCF cannot be added to the project until a design source file has been added.
AR# 14698
日期 12/11/2006
状态 Archive
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