AR# 1472


XC3000: I/O Slew Rates and other AC parameters (rise/fall times)


Keywords: Slew Rate, XC3000, rise, fall time

Urgency: Standard


XC3000 Device I/O slew rate parameters as well as other
XC3000 specific device information can be found in the 1
1996 Xilinx Programmable Logic Data book on pages 14-13
to 14-23.



Unloaded Output Slew Rate 2.8 V/ns 0.5 V/ns

Unloaded Transition Time 1.45 ns 7.9 ns

Additional rise time for 812pF 100 ns 100 ns

normailized 50 ns 64 ns

Additional fall time for 812 pF 50 ns 64 ns

normalized 0.06 ns/pF 0.08 ns/pF

*Fast and Slow refer to the output programming option.
AR# 1472
日期 03/03/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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