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5.1i Architecture Wizard - I am unable to synthesize a DCM or RocketIO VHDL instantiation with Synplify (Errors are reported)


When I attempt to synthesize the instantiation template created by the DCM Wizard, the following errors are reported:


"FATAL_ERROR: Xst:Portability/export/Port_Main.h:126:1.13 - This application has discovered an exceptional condition from which it cannot recover. Process will terminate.

Error: XST failed."


"Exprmap.c:366 Compiler Error: No handler for expression bundle of type real. Probably near:

@E:"C:\temp\DCM_test.vhd": 32:49:32:51| Compiler Error - please check end of log for more information. Please call Synplicity Support (USA) at (408) 215-6000 or send email including this log and test case to"


These errors occur because certain synthesis tools are unable to handle attributes of type "real".

To work around this problem, edit the DCM instantiation. This editing must be performed in a text editor outside the ISE software, as the file is read-only inside Project Navigator. (A similar work-around can also be used for a RocketIO instantiation.)

Follow these steps to modify the DCM instantiation:

  1. Browse to the work directory.
  2. Open the <dcm_instantiation_name>.vhd in a text editor such as WordPad. (NOTE: This file appears as ".xaw" in the ISE software.)
  3. Edit the following lines:

    Under the architecture section:
    attribute CLKDV_DIVIDE : real;
    attribute CLKDV_DIVIDE of DCM_INST : label is 2.0;
    must be changed to:
    attribute CLKDV_DIVIDE : string;
    attribute CLKDV_DIVIDE of DCM_INST : label is "2.0";
    Under the component section:
    -- synopsys translate_off
    CLKDV_DIVIDE : real := 2.0;

    must be changed to:
    -- synopsys translate_off
    CLKDV_DIVIDE : string := "2.0";
  4. Save the ".vhd" file.
  5. Re-run synthesis.
AR# 14723
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