AR# 14761


BSDL - Why do some CoolRunner (XPLA3) devices have multiple IDCODEs?


Because multiple IDCODEs exist for certain CoolRunner XPLA3 devices, iMPACT reports errors similar to the following when an attempt is made to configure or obtain an IDCODE from a device:

"ERROR:iMPACT:583 - '1' The IDCODE read from the device does not match the IDCODE in the BSDL file."

Why do these CoolRunner (XPLA3) devices have multiple IDCODEs?


Older CoolRunner devices may have a Philips IDCODE instead of a Xilinx IDCODE (Xilinx acquired the CoolRunner line from Philips). To allow for multiple IDCODEs, Xilinx lists both IDCODEs in the BSDL file.

For example:

attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of XCR3064XL_VQ100 : entity is

"0000" & -- Version

"0100100001001001" & -- Part Number

"00001001001" & -- Manufacturer

"1," & -- Mandatory

"0000" & -- Version

"0100100001001001" & -- Part Number

"00000010101" & -- Manufacturer XILINX

"1"; -- Mandatory

This syntax is legal, although some BSDL parsers may not be able to interpret it. If your BSDL parser has problems with this IDCODE syntax, comment out the IDCODE that does not apply.

AR# 14761
日期 12/15/2012
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