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AR# 14851

ModelSim (SE, PE) - "ERROR: failed to find LMC SmartModel libswift entry in project file....# FATAL ERROR while loading design"


General Description:

When I run a timing simulation that uses a SmartModel, the following error occurs:

"# Loading libs/simprim_eval.gt_swift(smartmodel)

# Loading C:/Programs/Modeltech_5.5f/win32/libsm.dll

# ERROR: failed to find LMC SmartModel libswift entry in project file.

# ** Fatal: Foreign module requested halt

# Time: 0 ps Iteration: 0 Region: /testbench/dut/gmac_inst_gpcs_pma_inst_mgt_gt/gt_swift_bw_1

# FATAL ERROR while loading design

# Error loading design

# Error: Error loading design

# Pausing macro execution

# MACRO L:\projects\xilinx_gmac_20\run_sim_vhdl.do PAUSED at line 5"


This error is a result of not having the SmartModels installed and compiled.

To setup the SmartModel simulation for ModelSim, see (Xilinx Answer 14019).

AR# 14851
日期 03/04/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章