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5.2i XPower - "FATAL_ERROR: Power:ytab.c: 1567: - PowerVcd_Parser..."


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General Description :
When I read a VCD file, an error message similar to the following occurs:

"FATAL_ERROR:Power:ytab.c:1567: - PowerVcd_Parser: master.vcd(33433):
Identifier code 'xkh' is not valid. Word is: Bh. Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at"


This is fixed in the 7.1i release of XPower.

A VCD file stores the logic transitions of both internal nets/nodes and I/O pins. In an attempt to decrease the size of the VCD, simulators abbreviate all internal net/node names and I/O pins to other identifiers. (For example, "datain" might be renamed to "aB".) However, certain identifiers might be misinterpreted by XPower, resulting in the error message above.

To avoid this error, use any text editor to perform a search-and-replace operation to replace the identifier with different text (e.g., Xtemp).

Identifiers that can cause XPower to report an error when parsing the VCD file include:

4.1i Software

5.1i Software
- Any number within square brackets (such as [0], [1], etc.)
- Any three- or four-letter var type. (These include: real, reg, time, tri, tri0, tri1, wand, wire, and wor.)

6.1i Software
These issues have been corrected in 6.1i. Please open a WebCase if this error message is still encountered in the latest version of the tools:
AR# 14858
日期 04/05/2006
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