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4.2i Speed Files - New Speed Files for Virtex-II Pro have been released (June 14, 2002)


Keywords: speed, files, Virtex-II PRO, V-II Pro, latest, version, 1.62

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Version 1.62 of the Virtex-II Pro Speed Files became available after the release of 4.2i Service Pack 3 (which contained version 1.56). All users should download and install the new version.


Highlighted changes in Virtex-II Pro Speed Files Version 1.62 are:

1. Support for a new -5 speed grade.
2. Latches have been given a slightly faster D-to-Q time, which will appear in parameters such as Tioolp, Tiotlpon, and Tifnctl.
3. Flip-flops and latches have been given a slightly slower CLK-to-Q time.
4. The D-to-CLK setup time for flip-flops has been significantly reduced (for paths going through X/Y) to adjust for the slower CLK-to-Q time and enable higher clock frequencies.
5. The multiplier is approximately 25% faster. (This may improve even more in future speed file releases).
6. The Block RAM CLK-to-Out is faster. (This may also improve in future speed file releases).
7. The setup requirement for the S input on BUFGMUX has been increased.

The new speed files are available for download at:

To install the new speed files, unzip the downloaded file into your <$xilinx>\virtex2p\data directory.
AR# 14880
日期 11/05/2003
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