AR# 14895


MicroBlaze - Using the HDL library when building your own OPB peripheral


General Description:

I am using the IPIF code to design an OPB peripheral. What changes to my code do I need to make to access these IPIF modules?


Add the following library call to your HDL:

library common_v1_00_a;

use common_v1_00_a.all;

Add the following files to the PAO file:

lib common_v1_00_a proc_common_pkg

lib common_v1_00_a pselect

lib opb_codec_v1_00_a audio_CODEC

lib opb_codec_v1_00_a opb_codec
AR# 14895
日期 05/03/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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