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ModelSim Xilinx Edition (MXE) - License errors occur when I log in as a user without Administrator privileges


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When I use the Full or Starter version of MXE and log in as an Administrator, everything works fine, but when I log in as a user without Administrator privileges, the following errors occur:

"Fatal license error: your evaluation license is no longer valid."

"Your eval license has been invalidated because a text file cannot be written in order to continue with the eval of MXE. Correct the error and reinstall the eval copy and re-request an eval license from Model Technology."


These errors occur because the installer is incorrectly installing two files that are used for the evaluation version of ModelSim XE. The evaluation version is no longer available, so these files should not be installed.

The following two files are installed in the "c:\winnt" directory (this does not apply to Windows XP systems, see below):
- mti_enc
- mti_enc2

On Windows XP Systems, the file location is the "C:\WINDOWS" directory.

Also, ensure that you have write permissions to the following directories:

c:\WINNT and c:\WINNT\TEMP or
c:\WINDOWS and c:\WINDOWS\TEMP (if using Windows XP)

Since these are hidden files, you must change the folder options in Windows Explorer to show hidden files. Delete these two files and the problem should be resolved. Deleting these files does not affect the functionality of MXE because these files should not have been installed.
AR# 14919
日期 10/18/2006
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