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4.2i Licensing - Can I obtain a new license or rehost an FPGA Express license?


I have an older design from ISE 4.2i or earlier softwarethat needs to be maintained.
The synthesis tool originally used for the design was FPGA Express.I was able to find the FPGA Express software, but I cannot find a valid license.
Can Xilinx create a new FPGA Express license?
If I have a valid FPGA Express license can Xilinx rehost the license in order for me to use a new computer to host the license?


As of May 31, 2002, Xilinx is no longer able to generate new license files for FPGA Express. Existing licensescould be rehosted until March 2003.
Xilinx Licensing Developmenthas been informed that they can no longer create any licenses for FPGA Express. FPGA Express contained third-party code for which Synopsys no longer has a distribution license, and neither Synopsys or Xilinx can legally create new licenses (even for customers who have, or previously had, FPGA Express licenses).
AR# 14930
日期 12/15/2012
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