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5.1i Install, Linux/WINE - How do I work around the 2 GB memory limitation for large designs?


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For large devices and complex designs, Linux/WINE software tools may encounter a 2 GB memory limitation. Is there a way to work around this limit?


The standard Linux kernel and WINE implementation limit the maximum memory available to a Xilinx program to approximately 2 GB. Xilinx has created a version of WINE with memory optimizations that allows an application to address approximately 2.8 GB of RAM.

Xilinx distributes the WINE program without a warranty of any kind pursuant to the GNU Lesser Public License Agreement, which can be viewed at The modifications included in this version of WINE have been contributed to the WINE Open Source Project.

This WINE upgrade patch is intended to patch WINE version 20010731, which was shipped with the Red Hat Linux 7.2 CDs. This was also tested on WINE version 20020310, which ships on the Red Hat Linux 7.3 CDs. All testing was performed using Red Hat 7.2.

You must have ROOT access privileges on your system to perform the following steps.

To upgrade an existing WINE package:

1. Verify that the cups-libs package is installed on your system by running the command "rpm -qa cups-libs". If the package is not installed, download the cups-libs package from and install it by using the command "rpm -ivh cups-libs-1.1.14-5.i386.rpm".

2. Download the new version of WINE from Install this using the command "rpm -ivh wine-20020327-3.i386.rpm". (20020327 is the build date, not the WINE version).

3. If it is not already set, add the path /usr/lib/wine to the file /etc/

4. Configure the Dynamic Linker Run Time Libraries by running /sbin/ldconfig -v.

NOTE: If you do not perform Steps 3 and 4, you must set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to /usr/lib/wine.

Type "wine -v", and the version displayed should be 20020310. If you wish to check the WINE package to verify that the installation was successful, run "rpm -qa wine". It should report "wine-20020327-3".

These instructions assume a typical Linux installation; however, other dependencies may be required for this upgrade, depending upon your Linux installation. If the upgrade fails and indicates dependencies, you may find them either on the Red Hat Linux product CDs or at
AR# 14931
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