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AR# 1498

Foundation XVHDL: How to access a user-created VHDL library


Users of Foundation XVHDL may wish to create and use their
own VHDL libraries. This may be done in one of three ways:



Copy the .VHD file to the ACTIVE\VHDL\VHDL_LIB directory.

This library can now be seen and accessed by XVHDL just like
any other VHDL library.


If you have two or more library files with the same name
(common on systems with multiple users), and need to point to
one or the other in different situations, then you may want
to use a library alias.

1) Make an empty file with the appropriate name in the
2) In the HDL Editor, select Synthesis -> Options.
3) Select the Library Alias tab.
4) Select the empty library and click Add.
5) Specify the actual VHDL file(s) you wish to use.

You can use this procedure to switch between different
libraries with the same filename, or to merge multiple
libraries together under a single alias.


Copy the .VHD file into the projects directory of each
project that requires the library.

This library can now be seen and accessed by XVHDL just like
any other VHDL library.

Note that you must still declare the library as if it were
located in ACTIVE\VHDL\VHDL_LIB (do not use the "work"

This is the least efficient method if the library is used in
multiple designs, but is the simplest if the library is only
used in one design.
AR# 1498
日期 01/02/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章