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AR# 15116

5.1i ISE - Status markers for implementation reports are not updated at the appropriate times


Keywords: status, report, translate, MAP, PAR, question mark, ?, out of date, process, task

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If an implementation is out of date, an orange question mark (?) will appear in the Translate, MAP and PAR processes, as well as in the Translate report, MAP report, and PAR report.

If I rerun the implementation, green checkmarks appear when the Translate, MAP, and PAR processes have completed. However, the individual reports are all updated at the very end of the run (when PAR is complete), rather than along the way as the individual processes complete.


The status of a process and report are not directly related. Internally, the status of all reports will be marked as "out-of-date" until the run completes. At this point, Project Navigator can reliably determine the status of all reports.

Although the respective reports (.bld, .mrp, and .par files) may be marked as "undetermined", you may open and view them using HDL Editor or an external text editor, even if the remainder of the implementation processes have not yet completed.
AR# 15116
日期 09/12/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章