AR# 15164


5.1i NGD2VER - When I use the "-ism" switch, the X_ONE or X_ZERO SIMPRIM models are not inserted into the timing simulation netlist


Keywords: NGD2VER, -ism, X_ONE, X_ZERO, X_INV, X_PD, SimPrims

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use the "-ism" switch, NGD2VER does not insert all the required SIMPRIM models:

- X_INV is missing from post-NGDBuild netlist
- X_ONE and X_ZERO are missing from post-PAR netlist


This is fixed in the 6.1i software.

Prior to 6.1i, to work around this issue, you must compile the X_INV or X_ONE and X_ZERO simulation models along with the simulation netlist when running a simulation.

If you are using the "-ism" to archive a design, the X_INV, X_ONE, and X_ZERO models must be archived with the design as well.

The Verilog simulation models are located in the Xilinx software at $XILINX/verilog/src/simprims. Copy X_INV.v, X_ONE.v, and X_ZERO.v from this directory and place them into the same directory as the simulation netlist.
AR# 15164
日期 08/11/2005
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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