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AR# 15295

12.1 Timing - Enabling asynchronous reset path tracing (Trq, Trck, Tiorcko, Tiorcki, Tbrck) - reg_sr_r, reg-sr_o


In TRACE and Timing Analyzer, I can enable path tracing for both the set/reset-to-out propagation delay and the set/reset recovery time.
How do I enable just one or the other?


To enable only recovery, add the following to the PCF or UCF:
enable = "Trck" ;
enable = "Tbrck";
To enable only propagation, add the following to the PCF or UCF:
enable = "Trq" ;
To enable recovery for an IOB FF, add the following to the PCF or UCF:
enable = "Tiorcko";
enable = "Tiorcki";
You can follow the above model for any timing parameter. The enabling of any timing parameter in the UCF is disabled during User-Defined Path Reports and Auto-Generated Path Reports.
You can also use the following path tracing controls (PTC) to enable similar paths:
enable = reg_sr_r; #Recovery delay types
enable = reg_sr_o #Propagation Delay Types
For more details on timing constraints, please see the Timing Constraints User Guide:
AR# 15295
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1