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5.1i CORE Generator - How do I determine whether a CORE Generator component with RPMs will fit into my target device?


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General Description:
I am using a CORE Generator component with Relationally Placed Macros (RPMs) enabled. How do I determine whether it will fit in my target device?



CORE Generator - Core Viewer:

When you generate any core within CORE Generator, check the Display Core Footprint box and click "Generate". After the core has been successfully generated, the Core Viewer window will appear. This window displays the following RPM information:

- LUT sites used
- Register sites used
- Number of CLBs in the width
- Number of CLBs in the height
- Total number of CLBs and slices used

You can determine whether the RPM will fit in your device by comparing the number of CLBs in the width and height with the number of rows and columns in your target device.



After you run your design through NGDBuild ("Translate"), open Floorplanner using only the design's NGD file. The RPM component will be listed in the Design Hierarchy window. Select the RPM symbol and drag it to the Editable Floorplan window. If the RPM can be placed in the window, it will fit in the device. If a circle with a line through it appears over the mouse point, the RPM is too large for the device.
AR# 15310
日期 03/04/2008
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