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XACT Workstation install: How to find a particular file on the Sun/HP 5.2.1 CD


Unlike the 5.2.1/6.0.1 XACT CD for the PC, the Workstation CD's files are
compressed (.zip). If you require a single file or set of files, and do not
wish to re-install, there is a simple way to determine which .zip file
contains the desired file.


Among the several directories under the root is a HP7/install (for HP
machines) and a SN2/install (for Sun Machines). In the /install directory of
the desired platform, you will find several files with extension "da". There
exists a .da file for each product:

ds344.da Mentor interface ds401.da Synopsys interface
ds371.da XABEL ds500.da ***license tools***
ds380.da XBLOX ds502.da FPGA Core Implementation
ds391.da Viewlogic interface ds550.da EPLD Core Implementation

Within a .da file is all the filenames for that tool as well as the name of
the .zip archive it is stored in. For example, ds502.da shows on a certain

f699 data/3030a.die 303535 03/28/96 14:58 0 ds502 3030aa

This indicates the file 3030a.die exists in an archive called
(append a to the last name on the line). Most of the .zip archives
exist in the /XACT directory, with the exception of DS391 (Viewlogic
Interface), which is in /POWERVIE. If you cannot locate the filename you
need in the .da file, then try "grep" on all the .da files.

If your workstation cannot handle .zip files, then the utility "unzip" is
located in the /install directory.

AR# 1532
日期 03/21/2000
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