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LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v5.0 - Release Note (PL4 Customers Only)


General Description:

This Answer Record contains the release notes for POS-PHY Level 4 version 5.0 (also known as 42_ip_update or E_IP3), and includes the following:

- Software Requirements

- What's New in PL4 v5.0

- Supported Device/Package Information

- Known Issues


Software Requirements

The Xilinx CORE Generator 4.2i (included with the ISE 4.2i software) is required to use PL4 v5.0. Additionally, the following service packs and IP updates must be installed with ISE 4.2i prior to installing the 42_ip_update3, which consists of PL4 v5.0.

DO NOT install the 42_ip_update3 with the ISE 5.1i software.

The recommended order of installation is as follows:

1. ISE 4.2i CD

2. ISE 4.2i Service Pack 3

3. IP Update 2 (also known as E_IP2)

4. IP Update 3 (also known as E_IP3) -- this is only available to PL4 customers.

Software Service Packs are available at:

IP Update 2 is available at:

IP Update 3 is available (PL4 customers only) at:

What's New in PL4 v5.0

- PL4 v5.0 files are now delivered through the CORE Generator software, allowing the customization of parameters though the PL4 customization GUI.

- The v5.0 Sink Core conforms to the OIF SPI-4 Phase 2 specification for dynamic alignment as well as static alignment.

- Up to 256 channels are supported.

- The area of the Sink Core is decreased by 750 slices:

-- With Dynamic Alignment: Sink Core: 2700 slices, Source Core: 1600 slices

-- With Static Alignment: Sink Core: 1950 slices, Source Core: 1600 slices

Supported Device and Package Information

PL4 v5.0 supports the following Device and Package combinations:

PL4 v5.0 Device Package Table
PL4 v5.0 Device Package Table

Known Issues

Please see (Xilinx Answer 12420) for a list of PL4 Known Issues.

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