AR# 1542


Foundation Install: shadow caused segment load failure lm_acs.dll


During installation Foundation gives the following error

shadow caused segment load failure lm_acs.dll at 0004:a6a5

Shadow refers to an installation program that runs in the
background. This message indicates that the Windows loader
has failed.


Install Foundation without the Xilinx libraries, and then
attach the libraries separately.

The following instructions assume that Foundation will be
installed into C:\ACTIVE.

1) Run the Foundation install program and select a Custom
2) In the Installation Options dialog, click on the Select
button next to System Libraries.
3) Click on None to deselect all libraries, then click OK.
4) Select other installation options if desired, and click
Next to continue installation.
5) After installation, copy the libraries from the
ACTIVE\SYSLIB directory on the CD into C:\ACTIVE\SYSLIB.
Each library consists of 15 or 16 files. The libraries
which end in 'U' are the Xilinx Unified Libraries. Do
not copy the other libraries (XILINX2, etc) unless you
require support for old (pre-XACT5) designs.
6) Open the Foundation Project Manager and select
Applications -> Library Manager.
7) In the Library Manager, select Library -> Attach.
8) Select the C:\ACTIVE\SYSLIB directory.
9) Select all of the libraries in the directory and click
AR# 1542
日期 05/21/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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