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CORE Generator - Can I edit the COE text field or directory location in the CORE Generator GUI?


Can the content or location of a COE file be edited in the CORE Generator GUI?


The content of the Coefficient (COE) file cannot be changed within the CORE Generator tool. When the COE file is first selected, CORE Generator tool checks the file to verify that it is correctly formatted.

If the memory definition file ".cgf" for the COE file is saved along with the COE file, you can use Memory Editor to edit the content of the file.
  • To run Memory Editor in ISE Design Suite 11.4 and earlier, select Run Tools -> Memory Editor from the CORE Generator tool bar.
  • To run Memory Editor in ISE Design Suite 12.1 and later, run the mem_edit.bat file in the $XILINX\bin\nt directory
After editing, you must reload the COE file.

The location of the COE file is placed in the XCO file of the generated IP core. The path is currently written as an absolute path. Consequently, if the core or project is moved to a new location (for example, revision control, project back-up, or running on a different platform), a core utilizing a COE file cannot be regenerated as it is.

If a core has been moved to a new directory, you can manually edit the XCO with a text editor to modify the path to the COE file. Set the path to point to the current directory location for the COE file. You can use relative paths, as shown in the following example:

CSET coefficient_file = ./ram_11x128.coe

The XCO file can then be regenerated through the CORE Generator GUI or from the command line (see the CORE Generator User Guide for more information).

In ISE Design Suite 11.1 and later, the COE path designation in the XCO file can use a relative path.
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