AR# 1545


Foundation Schematic: How to quickly locate nets in a schematic


Keywords: foundation, schematic, find, search, name, net, bus, signal

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How can I quickly locate a net or bus in my schematic?


The following procedure only looks for signals on the
currently open sheets (i.e, it won't open a sheet if the
net/bus is on that sheet).

1. Select Mode -> Query or click on the Query icon (far right
button in the top toolbar). The Query Window appears.

2. Make sure that the following options are selected:
opened sheets (select "current sheet only" if you only
want to search on the currently selected

3. In the top section of the window, type in the signal or
bus name you are searching for. Buses can be searched
using any of the following formats:

4. Press <Enter> or <Return>.

If the signal or bus is found, it will be highlighted (this
includes all net/bus stubs with the same label).

If the signal or bus is not found, the following message will
appear in the Project Manager window:

SC: Find option: bus/signal not found

If more than one sheet contains a net/bus that matches the
search, the Query Window will only report on one sheet. To
search for the same net/bus name on other sheets, close the
first sheet and repeat the Query.
AR# 1545
日期 05/21/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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