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AR# 1546

WIR2XNF ERROR: SEC: HOST is not in the HOSTS file. ERROR 4: IWINIT Failure.


Running wir2xnf on a Solaris workstation may give this error:

SEC: HOST is not in the HOST file
for product: generic
top.xnf: WIR2XNF ERROR4: internal initialization failure
IWINIT Failure.



Check the workview.ini and the powerview.ini file for the
LICENSE_SERVER line. This must be in both files, and spelled correctly.
This variable must refer to the machine where LSCLIENT is running.


Check the HOSTS file in /etc/HOSTS to make sure that the hostname
of the server is listed with the correct IP address.


The name of the HOST server must be listed in the HOST file for the map
master NIS server for the user machine. To determine the NIS server for the
user machine type "ypwhich". This will return the hostname of the server
that is the map master. On that server the HOST file must contain the
hostname of the license server. The name of the host file on the NIS server
may be /etc/HOSTS or it may be something else. To determine if the hostname
of the license server is recognized by the NIS server type:

ypcat hosts |grep <hostname>

Where <hostname> is the server name used in the LICENSE_SERVER line in the
workview.ini file. If it is not there, the user needs to have their system
administrator add it along with the apropriate IP address.
AR# 1546
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章