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PLD_DA Check - Unable to evaluate property, unable to resolve lca_technology


When I run the Check function on a Mentor schematic, the following warnings are displayed:

"Warning: Unable to evaluate property "model" on MIDORI

Unable to resolve expression symbol lca_technology

Warning: Unable to evaluate property "__qp_prim" on MIDORI

Bad Triplet CASE Control Expression

Unable to resolve expression symbol lca_technology"


All Xilinx simulation models in Mentor have a variable associated with them called "lca_technology". Normally, this parameter is set whenever a library component is instantiated, but a number of situations can make the parameter get lost. If lca_technology is missing when Check is run, Check will not be able to evaluate any properties that use this parameter.

In any case, the lca_technology parameter does not need to be set until the design is simulated or translated to XNF. When one of these happens, the tools generate the appropriate viewpoints, which fill in the lca_technology parameter with the proper value. Therefore, these warnings can be safely ignored.

To recover the value of lca_technology and unclutter the Check report of the warnings, select:

Check -> Parameters -> Set

In the dialog box, enter lca_technology as the parameter name, and set the value to the appropriate family (e.g., xc3000 or xc4000). After doing this, re-execute Check Sheet.


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AR# 155
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