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AR# 1555

VERILOG-XL 2.6: "WARNING: The source browser has detected a bad object in the source."


Keywords: Verilog-XL, simcontrol, +gui

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When launching Verilog-XL 2.6 with the +gui option while simulating
the Virtex Block selectRAM+, the following warning message is

WARNING: The source browser has detected a bad object in the source.
The object is located at:
line: '219'

Please check your design for accuracy. One possible cause is referencing
a bit of a vector outside of the declared range. This object will not be
selectable in the browser window.

This message pops up in a window along with 16 similar messages.


Here is one possibilty for the warning message:

Simcontrol (which compiles the code to some extent)
had difficulty parsing the INIT parameters which are
indexed in the memory initialization loop.

It appears that the warning message that simcontrol
puts up is for one situation that does not arise any


reg [0:7] r1;

r1[9] = 0;

In this example, the textref's were incorrect when the
design had a reference to an entity that did not exist.
So, a warning message was issued that the source line
was corrupted. The hdl source was then displayed in the
browser window, and the object was not selectable.

The implementation of textref's has been updated since
then and the example above now works fine in simcontrol,
without any warning messages.

Using Verilog-XL 2.6, the messages are issued. However,
using version 2.7.5, the messages are gone.

This was a known problem, but has been fixed in LDV2.1, or
Verilog-XL 2.7.5 and later.
AR# 1555
日期 08/22/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????