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AR# 15590

4.2i PAR - The pad report displays information that is different from the verified FPGA Editor information


Keywords: 4.1i, pad, report, incorrect, information, slew

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
1. The pad report generated by the 4.2i software is reporting my slew rate to be 12mA, even though I set it as 4mA. Why is this happening?

2. How do I verify that my constraints are indeed being read correctly?


1. This is due to a problem with the script that writes the pad report, which is not reading the correct information after the Place and Route process.

This problem was fixed in the 5.1i software.

2. To verify that the constraints you set are being read correctly, open the design in FPGA Editor and double-click on the IOB to which the pin is connected. Zoom in on the top-left corner of this block view to see the different drive settings. If the information is correct in this location, it will also be correct in the bitstream.
AR# 15590
日期 10/23/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章