AR# 1562


QuickSim: MODEL property expected but not found, NULL model will be inserted


Keywords: QuickSim, MODEL property, NULL model

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

QuickSim may be unable to find registration models for ABEL or XNF blocks
during functional simulation:

Instance '/BLANK'
MODEL property expected but not found on primitive instance.
NULL model will be inserted.


When a design contains ABEL or XNF modules, FncSim8 must generate
schematics for the those blocks using the GEN_SCH8 utility. These
simulation schematics are placed in the same directory as the ABL/XNF files
referenced by the FILE property on the corresponding symbols. If a full
absolute path is not given, then the name given as the FILE value is
assumed to be relative to the Mentor working directory in $MGC_WD. If the
Mentor components for the symbols are in a different location from the
ABL/XNF files, then the resulting schematics will not be linked
(registered) to those symbols, resulting in this error.

Make sure that you symbol components and corresponding ABL/XNF files are in
the same directory. In this example, if the symbol component for the
instance /BLANK were called "bullets", then the bullets.abl/xnf file would
have to reside at the same level of the hierarchy as the bullets directory
and its corresponding bullets.mgc_component.attr file.
AR# 1562
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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