AR# 15622


5.1i iMPACT, CPLD, CoolRunner XPLA3 - Programming or Verification message "Part is secure,Verification terminated due to errors"


General Description: 

When I program a CoolRunner XPLA3 device, an error message similar to the following appears in the log: 


"'1': Programming device... 


'1': Part is Secure. 

'1': Part is secure,Verification terminated due to errors 

PROGRESS_END - End Operation." 


Or, when I attempt a "Verify" operation, iMPACT reports that the device is secure (read-only). 


However, I never selected readback security when programming the device.


This problem is fixed in the latest 5.1i Service Pack, available at:  

The first service pack containing the fix is 5.1i Service Pack 2.

AR# 15622
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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