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3.1 EDK - XPS "ERROR: File etc/download.cmd not found"


Keywords: XPS, download.cmd, missing file, EDK, EST, BitGen

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I run Tools -> Update Bitstream and Download, XPS issues the following error:

"ERROR: File etc/download.cmd not found."



You can resolve this error by creating a directory called "etc" in the project directory. A file called "download.cmd" must be placed in this directory.

The following is an example of a download.cmd file for an Insight Virtex-II Pro Development Board:

setMode -bscan
setCable -p lpt1
addDevice -p 1 -file etc/xc18v04_vq44.bsd
assignfile -p 1 -file etc/xc18v04_vq44.bsd
addDevice -p 2 -file etc/xc18v04_vq44.bsd
assignfile -p 2 -file etc/xc18v04_vq44.bsd
addDevice -p 3 -file implementation/download.bit
program -p 3

This file must be modified to match the board layout being used.


Alternatively, you can produce the file in Project Navigator as follows:

1. Bring your system into Project Navigator either by selecting "Export to ProjNav" from XPS and opening it, or by creating a new project in Project Navigator.
2. Set your project options to the desired values, paying particular attention to the configuration options.
3. Implement and launch iMPACT by running the process "Configure Device (iMPACT)" from Project Navigator.
4. Locate the file "_impact.cmd" in your Project Navigator project directory.
5. Rename this .cmd file to "download.cmd" and place it in the "etc" directory.
AR# 15676
日期 04/28/2006
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