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System Generator for DSP - Can System Generator be installed if the Xilinx tools are not installed?


General Description:  

Can I install System Generator for DSP if the Xilinx ISE tools are not installed? What are the dependencies of simulating a System Generator model with respect to the ISE tools?


System Generator requires that certain LogiCORE files reside in the appropriate CORE Generator directory under $XILINX (i.e., "%XILINX%" for Windows). This applies to both Simulink simulation (e.g., obtaining latency information for a particular block) and code generation. 


The System Generator installer will report an error if these directories cannot be found. It is not necessary that ISE Foundation be installed (the Alliance software is adequate), and the software does not have to reside on the same machine, but $XILINX must point to an installation that exists on a mapped network drive.

AR# 15683
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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