AR# 1575


XC4000XL: 1996 DATA BOOK: Page 4-24 table 10.Supported Source for XC4000-Series Device Inputs is incorrect


Keywords: 3.3V, 4000XL, DATA BOOK, VTT, 5V

Urgency: Standard


In the table it shows that, in order to have a 5V CMOS device sourcing a 3.3V CMOS device(specificly 4000XL), it will require Vtt pin to 5V.


That is incorrect, the new design puts an internal protection circuitry that can stand 5V CMOS input to 3.3V XL parts.
Therefore driving a 5V CMOS output into a 4000XL input (with
CMOS inputs specified) is not be a problem.
AR# 1575
日期 01/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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