AR# 15812


5.1i Project Navigator - The "DriveDone" startup option for Virtex-II devices is not present


General Description:

In 5.1i Project Navigator, when I right-click on "Programming Options" and select "Startup Options", the "DriveDone" option is not listed. This option has been available for Virtex devices, and it was available for Virtex-II devices in the 4.2i software.


This problem will be fixed in the 5.2i software release, which will be available in late February, 2003.

Meanwhile, you can work around the problem as follows:

- Run BitGen from the command line with the "DriveDone" option enabled:

-g DriveDone:yes

(Please see the reference guide for more details:

- To generate a Virtex-II bitstream with the DriveDone option using Project Navigator, edit the <top_level>.ut file to reflect the necessary option (DriveDone:yes), then right-click on "Generate Programming File" in ISE and select "Run".

To verify that the DriveDone option is set, inspect the Programming File report (.bgn).

AR# 15812
日期 05/13/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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