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5.1i sp2 iMPACT - "ERROR:iMPACT:1111 - Can't locate bsdl file xc2v250_bg352.bsd"


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General Description:

When I attempt any JTAG operations on an XC2V250 device with iMPACT, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:iMPACT:1111 - Can't locate bsdl file xc2v250_bg352.bsd.

EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlStorage.c:314:1.40 - File does not exist.

impact completed @ Fri Oct 4 18:10:41 2002

impact return code: 0

Total CPU time for impact: 8.59 secs"


This is due an error in the xc2v250.bsd file in the $xilinx\virtex2 directory. The correct version of this file is available in the Virtex-II BSDL file download, which is available on

To resolve this problem:

1. Go to
2. Download the file

3. Extract the 2v250.bsd file contained in this download to the $xilinx\virtex2 folder in your Xilinx software installation.

This problem is also fixed in the latest 5.1i Service Pack, available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 5.1i Service Pack 3.

AR# 15821
日期 12/15/2012
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