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5.1i NGDBuild - "FATAL_ERROR: StaticFileParsers: StaticAcdRead.c:823:1.16..."


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General Description:
I have multiple version of ISE tools on my system. When I run NGD Build via command line, it fails with an StaticAcdRead error similar to:

"Release 5.1.01i - ngdbuild E.38
Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
FATAL_ERROR:StaticFileParsers:StaticAcdRead.c:823:1.16 - acd file
<C:/Xilinx_5.1i/acempm/data/acempm.acd> has extraneous data < q v yr Y Z
D HB i cg :> after valid qualifier <XlxV35EB 1d5 121x ]
[ 0 _1P E * !kS FZE J *D M n 7O3 9 3 eZp h; ? A _E E+ B^ P
R + Px { !g K ' _ hw i & YH > Process will terminate.
To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at"



This error is caused by a conflict that occurs when environment variables point to both the 4.2i and 5.1i tools. This is indicated by the line in the error that states "ngdbuild 5.1.01i - E38" (the "E38" indicates 4.2isp3). The line should read "ngdbuild 5.1.01i - F24" (the "F24" indicates the 5.1isp1 installation).

To avoid this error, check the environment variables and remove any references to the 4.2i tools.


These errors can also occur if you select the 4.2i software icon when the XILINX environment variable is set to the 5.1i software. If you click on the 5.1i icon, the errors will not appear.


This error has also been seen when the environment variable is set properly to the 4.2i tool and the file listed in the error message refers to the 5.1i directory. If there are any other XILINX variables that reference 5.1i tools, they will have to be temporarily deleted in order to use the 4.2i tools.

For example:
XILINX -> C:\Foundation_4.2i


By removing the XILINX_EDK variable, a possible 5.1i conflict has been removed.
AR# 15832
日期 07/02/2008
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