AR# 1586


Foundation: How to generate a schematic from an XNF file


If you have an XNF netlist (from XABEL, XVHDL, or another
source), you can generate a Foundation schematic in order to
graphically view nodes during simulation, or to examine the
logic that was synthesized from HDL code.

Note: Schematics generated from netlists cannot be used for
design implementation. They are for simulation or
viewing purposes only.


1) From the Foundation Schematic Capture tool, select File ->
Generate Schematic from Netlist.

2) In the dialog box, list files of type Xilinx (*.XNF).

3) Select the XNF file and click OK.

AR# 1586
日期 05/21/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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