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5.1i ISE - "Error: @xxxx.rsp not found - can't read "VhdlLibrary": no such variable..."


Keywords: UCF, crash, fatal, error, RSP, jhdparseOptions, ISE, Project Navigator, ProjNav, @0300.rsp, @8200.rsp, VhdlLibrary

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Project Navigator experiences a fatal error that shuts down the GUI. The proj_nav log file reports an error similar to the following:

"Error: @8200.rsp (or @0300.rsp) not found - can't read "VhdlLibrary": no such variable
while executing
"lappend _jhdparseOptions "$VhdlLibrary""
invoked from within
"if { $IsVhdl } {
lappend _jhdparseOptions "-lang vhdl"
lappend _jhdparseOptions "-i $iv_InputFile"
lappend _jhdparseOptions "-o $iv_OutputFil..."
(file "C:/ISE_5_1i/data/projnav/scripts/_runJhdparse.tcl" line 34)"


This error can be caused by a long directory structure/project name. If a command line module name is longer than the set limit, Project Navigator automatically generates a temporary file named something similar to "8200.rsp" and put all parameters on the program line into this file. At the same time, Project Navigator executes the following command:

_runJdhparse.tcl @8200.rsp

This causes the error, as no file called "@8200.rsp" exists in the project directory.

You can make the following changes in the Windows registry to change the default parse length for Project Navigator:

1. Shut down Project Navigator.
2. Launch <regedit> by going to Start -> Run.
3. Search for <MaxCmdLength>. For example, this may be located at:
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-516775306-1860137088-1543857936-2856\Software\Xilinx\Project Navigator\V1.0\Preferences
4. If the default value is set as <128>, change it to <1024> or larger. (There is no limit, but 1024 should work for most designs.)
5. Re-launch Project Navigator.
AR# 15892
日期 02/07/2006
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