AR# 159


XNF file created by EDIF2XNF contains high-level symbols instead of primitives


Keywords: xnf edif, edif2xnf Mentor, Xact, symbols, primitives

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

If the value of the $LCA environment variable is incorrectly set OR the $LCA
variable is not referenced in the mgc_location_map file, ENWrite (Mentor's
EDIF netlist writer) will be unable to traverse the hierarchy of XIlinx
macros, and will instead describe them as "black boxes" (i.e., primitives)
rather than write out their full schematic descriptions.


This is easily fixed by setting $LCA to the pathname of the Mentor-interface
software (DS344).
AR# 159
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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