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Project Navigator - How can multiple directories be specified in the Project Navigator Translate process options? - Setting multiple macro search paths


How can multiple paths be specified in the Macro Search Path in the Translate option in Project Navigator?


The browse button can be used to add only a single remote directory to the search path. Multiple paths can be added in the property field by separating the directory paths with a "|" (not ";").


In the Macro search path field, type:


This option gets passed to the NDGBuild command line as:

-sd C:\projects\macro_dir1 -sd C:\projects\macro_dir2

Alternatively, the Macro Search Path field could be entered as a string:

C:\projects\macro_dir1 -sd C:\projects\macro_dir2

This will result in the same command line because only one leading "-sd" switch will be added to the front of the path.

AR# 15935
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Archive
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