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5.1i ISE - In Project Navigator, can I launch MPPR, then stop the process and select a routed design from a completed iteration?


Keywords: Project Navigator, MPPR, routed, ISE, iteration

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am running MPPR in Project Navigator; if I right-click and select "Stop", an "X" appears next to the MPPR process. Although MPPR did not complete all of the designated iterations, multiple valid NCD files have not met all timing requirements. I would like to select one of these .ncd files for lab testing, simulation, or other reasons, as the timing is close to the desired results.

- Can I select which NCD file to be used (even if MPPR is successful)?
- Is there a way to instruct the tools to attempt to meet timing with MPPR, and then stop the process and select a valid design file within the GUI?


There is no current way to point the tools to an NCD file from within Project Navigator.

Once MPPR is stopped, the PAR process is marked as though it failed; MPPR is an independent flow launched from Project Navigator. Currently, Project Navigator is given only one status return value ("Did MPPR complete successfully and meet timing?").

To use one of these NCD files, you must run BitGen or any other tools from the command line.
AR# 15989
日期 02/07/2006
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