AR# 16006


5.1isp2 ISE - In ISE, Synplify's license is not released if the Stop Process button is used to cancel synthesis


Keywords: Synplify, Pro, license, stop, kill, Project, Navigator, Synplicity, synthesis

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I synthesize a design with Synplify or Synplify Pro in ISE, I select the "Stop Process" (red X) icon on the tool bar. Synplify does not close, and the Synplify license remains checked out.


To immediately exit from a Synplify process run in ISE, you must kill the process from within the operating system.

For Windows platforms:
- Open the Task Manager.
- Select the Process tab.
- End the synplify.exe process.

For Solaris platforms:
- Type "top" and <return> at a command prompt to find the process ID.
- Use the "kill" command to end that process.
AR# 16006
日期 02/07/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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