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6.1i CORE Generator - COREGen does not launch after a CD installation or the installation of a Service Pack on a Windows PC


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General Description:
After installing the ISE software, installing a Service Pack, or changing the $XILINX environment variable, CORE Generator does not launch.



Ensure that the $XILINX environment variable does NOT end with a "\".

For example:
set XILINX = C:\Xilinx\ (This will prevent COREGen from launching.)

To fix this problem, remove the "\" from the $XILINX environment variable.

For example:
set XILINX = C:\Xilinx

See also (Xilinx Answer 16709)


Software conflicts:

CORE Generator can also fail to load if PC Anywhere is running. As COREGen conflicts with the PC Anywhere software, shutting down PC Anywhere should allow COREGen to launch successfully.

CORE Generator can also fail to load if a MATLABSERVER is running. If a MATLABSERVER is running, JAVA Virtual Machine conflicts are created that prevent COREGen from launching. Simply shutting down the MATLABSERVER should allow COREGen to launch successfully.


Hardware and Driver Conflicts:

Dual Monitor support:

CORE Generator does NOT support dual monitors.

COREGen can generally be opened in the Primary Monitor window without any problems; however, a conflict with the ATI Radion 7000 Hydro Vision driver has been discovered.

If you change the screen size from the dual monitor 2560x1024 size to the single monitor 1280x1024 size, COREGen will launch correctly.


If you continue to experience these problems, please open a WebCase at:
AR# 16036
日期 02/07/2006
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