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2.3 System Generator for DSP - Known Issues List


General Description: 

This Answer Record contains a list of Known Issues for System Generator v2.3.


Support Software Issues 


1. MATLAB R12 is not supported by System Generator for DSP v2.3. (Only MATLAB R12.1 and R13 are supported.) 

Please see (Xilinx Answer 14982)


Xilinx Block Set Issues 


1. The CIC filter exhibits overflow for inputs that use the complete dynamic bit range of the data input. (To work around this problem, do not use the full dynamic range of your input.) 

Please see (Xilinx Answer 12480)


2. Decimation filters with a down sampling of "2" and symmetry in the impulse response fail in core generation. 

Please see (Xilinx Answer 15685)


General Issues 


1. An error occurs during generation with the following message: "Undefined function or variable". 

Please see (Xilinx Answer 15190).

AR# 16070
日期 05/15/2014
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