AR# 16124


7.1i ISE - I cannot add multiple ELF files to my processor project in Project Navigator. Why?


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Whenever I try to add multiple ELF files to my processor project, I receive an error stating that only one ELF file can be added. Why does this occur?


Currently, the only way to populate all of the block RAM with different ".elf" files in a multiple processor system is to run data2bram from the command line. Type "data2bram" from the command line with no parameters to get a usage statement. An example of this is as follows:

data2bram -bm ../implementation/system_bd -bt ../implementation/system \
-bd system0.executable.elf tag bram0 \
-bd system1.executable.elf tag bram1 \
AR# 16124
日期 03/25/2008
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