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AR# 16179

LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v5.2 - The UCF must be edited for LVDS Status Channel I/O


General Description: Although I selected "LVDS Status Channel I/O" in the PL4 Core GUI, the .ucf file contains pin constraints for LVTTL Status Channel I/O.


In the PL4 v5.0 core, CORE Generator does not automatically adjust the .ucf for LVDS Status Channel I/O. If you have selected LVDS for the status channel, you must manually edit the .ucf file (component_name_pl4_wrapper.ucf).

Modify the following status channel I/O as follows:

Sink Core:

- Change "RSClk" to "RSClk_P".

- Add PIN LOC constraints for RStat_P(0) and RStat_P(1)

Source Core:

- Change "TSClk" to "TSClk_P".

- Add PIN LOC constraints for TStat_P(0) and TStat_P(1).

The default LVTTL I/O pin assignments for the status channel output from CORE Generator may need modification in order to support LVDS I/O. For example, the 2v3000-FF1152 constraints file could be updated as follows:


NET "RSClk" LOC = "J27"; ## Other placement may be possible


NET "RSClk_P" LOC = "K27"; ## Other placement may be possible


NET "TSClk" LOC = "AF17";


NET "TSClk_P" LOC = "AG17";

NOTE: There are no specific requirements for the status channel I/O placement; however, Xilinx recommends that the placement of the status channel I/O be constrained to the same bank as the corresponding data I/O.

Adjustment of the UCF will take place automatically in the v6.0 release of SPI 4.2.

AR# 16179
日期 05/03/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章